Solid European Beech

Solid European Beech

Our specialty is kiln-dried European beech drawers, prefinished with our multi-step UV finish.

European beech is one of the finest cabinetmaker’s hardwoods. The Valen kiln-dried material yields a light colored drawer with an attractive, subtle grain. In combination with our natural finish, the look is superb.

Valen Solid beech originates in the well-managed forests of Romania.

Our associated supplier Valenext makes the initial processing of the solid beech, starting from the original log. Valenext monitors quality to be sure the final product will meet Valen’s high standards.


  • Material Specs

    Thickness option

    • 13mm
    • 16mm

    Height options

    • 52mm
    • 70mm
    • 115mm
    • 130mm
    • 170mm
    • 230mm
    • 245mm
    • 253mm
  • Bottoms

    • HDF (White and Maple)

    • 5mm Plywood

    • 12mm Plywood

  • Bottom Groove

    • Indexed 13mm up from bottom edge.

    • Additional options available

  • Joinery

    • Dove Tail

    • Dowel and bore

  • Machining Options

    • Front and side borings

    • Concealed runner prep – notch and bore

    • Scoop front available

  • Assembly

    • RTA or fully assembled

    • Available with or without hot melt